Thursday, December 5, 2013

Where Did You Hear About Us? And what to do with the information!

I am sure you know as salon and spa owners,  how useful it is to ask, "Where did you hear about us?". It gives you an indication as to how effective your marketing is and which clients are generating the referrals.

The difficult part is tracking it. In Platinum, you can look up details in one click, we have a report just for "Where did you hear about us?" How cool is that?!

Your clients are your most powerful marketing tool. Better than any search engine or social media site.

Getting new clients is a pointless exercise unless you can hold onto them.

The salons that are performing best are the ones who are embracing all opportunities to get new clients, but have mastered retention marketing i.e. they have focused on their existing clients and those clients have generated referrals through word-of-mouth and social media.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Busy Festive Season?.. think of the New Year too!

You're rolling up to the busy Festive Season. It's a great time for your business. Everybody becomes more image conscious with the eagerly awaited Christmas work party looming and the prospect of seeing relatives for the first time in months. 


Getting people into your salon at this time of year is not really the issue. 

The real skill lies in getting people into your salon AND getting them back again in the New Year. 

Here's an idea to make the most of Xmas and get your New Year ready from NOW!

When clients come into your salon give them a free voucher. Here's the key, the voucher can only be used in January and it requires a minimum spend if they want to use it. 
You set the rules - the value of the voucher and what minimum spend is required.

Why should I do this?

There's lots of reasons, including these five: 

*It shows appreciation for the people who've given you business throughout the year. That's invaluable for retention

*It's a great way to get new clients back again within a few weeks. Get them back a second time and chances are, you may have a client for life. 

*The voucher should be transferable so if your clients can't use it, they can pass it onto someone else. Referrals anybody?!

*Clients who feel loved and rewarded will spread the word on Facebook and to their friends over coffee. It's a great way to generate word of mouth.

*It's great for your image. Every salon will be busy during December. Only the best will be busy during January. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Easily Affordable Pricing Options

In this day and age, everyone is keeping an eye on costs, 

You'll quickly find our pricing structure is geared to be totally affordable for all salons and all budgets.

It is possible for a very low cost to get Platinum Salon Software System,

 Fantastic features and FREE Support .

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

As Easy as 1-2-3!

In 3 simple steps you can find out how affordable Platinum Salon Software is. 

You'll receive our prices and a link for your free 60 day trial to your Inbox in seconds!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Would you like a Demo?

To book your demo of Platinum Salon Software is simple.

Go to our website and fill out the ContactMe form.

We'll get in touch to organise the best time that suits you.

We will guide you through the software making sure you understand all of its capabilities.

This is your chance to see how Platinum Salon Software could turn your business around and make your life easier.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Effective Data Collection

The most important thing for your business to be successful,  is your clients. Obvious right? 

Without clients you don't have revenue coming in, so collecting information on your customers is imperative to enable you to market to them in the future to grow average spend and increase how often they visit. 

Many salons these days, possibly due to bad habits or feeling too busy, tend to overlook effective data collection with their customers.

It is true, it takes work and consistency from you and your staff to effectively get client information into the system, but it is one of the most important things you can do. 

The more information you collect on your clients - the stronger your business will be.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Looking for an easy way to deal with Walk-Ins or short notice bookings

Spas and salons are subjected to constant cancellations, short-notice bookings, walk-ins and no-shows when it comes to clientele;

This makes the process of keeping the average business day in working order without a clear salon system,  a task in itself.

To make the most of resources - from time and money to staff and stock - salon software can help your establishment to become increasingly resourceful, demonstrate more efficient salon management and even see a considerable rise in revenue.

Platinum salon software is a viable alternative to paper or complex spreadsheet-based methods of recording bookings and trying to achieve an adequate level of salon management.

Many businesses are already using Platinum to efficiently manage, record and monitor each working day as it comes, and has assisted them in becoming more sustainable and attractive to clients in the long-run.

 You can rest assured that any last-minute bookings or sudden walk-ins can be dealt with quickly and efficiently with Platinum salon software, as it has been created to provide a simple system on which any walk-ins can be recorded and assigned to an employee with ease.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ever wondered what a Data Management System could do for your business?

Throw away your pencil, eraser and highlighter pens... Just a few clicks and you've booked your appointment, with your clients already stored in the system, you'll never write another number down wrong!

To change, simply drag and drop appointment to the new time... EASY!

You can then send SMS appointment reminders to reduce your "No-show" appointments making sure your clients turn up everytime!

Adding the POS (Point of sale)  turns your PC and software into a full EPoS system, making it much more difficult for any light fingered people to take money from the system without you knowing about it!​

POS would include your Barcode scanner for your stock control, your Receipt Printer, which prints the clients next appointment and the loyalty points balance on the bottom of the receipt... and finally, your cash drawer to keep your cash & Credit card receipts safe!

It would be your SMS text marketing manager.
I can send SMS marketing texts when the salon is quiet to get you busy!

SMS is a very cost effective way of marketing your business, when you consider the price to do your marketing via traditional methods, with the price of postage just going up.

It can manage all your stock to make sure you can keep a tight reign on all your products.

It  will make sure that when your stock is getting low, It lets you know, so you can place an order so that you never run out of stock...

It will also look after your internal stock, making sure to reduce the possibility of theft and also giving you a total at the end of the year which can be offset against your profit to reduce your tax bill!

It can store all your client information in the software for you too

It can also let you know, how much that client has spent in the salon, both in retail purchases and services and on average, how much they spend with you each time they visit.​

To add that personal touch, It can also keep track of their treatment information and how they like their tea or coffee!

Now with knowing it can do all that and more... what are you waiting for?
Get in touch!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Get Into Social Media Marketing Now!

If you are not on to the power of social media marketing
now is the time.
Its easy and you can see results straight away.

In Summary:

Create a Facebook and Twitter page for your business
then simply bulk SMS everyone with your “join us on Twitter/Facebook” link.

Recipe Details...

What you will need:

1  salon software with a customer database.
1  list of email and mobile numbers of customers
3  bits of info to open a text message account(email is free)
2  Minutes to open Platinum eMessaging and click Send.


Install Platinum Software
Start gathering all your customers contact details
Let us have your broadband suppliers info for a free set up
Not even 2 minutes needed for the rest!

How will it help?

Get reception to tweet/post on Facebook offers and news each week and you are in both the customers eyes, and then any friends who might be with them when they get the message and may say:

 “Oh, I have got a  10 pounds off voucher at my salon for recommending a friend,   would you use it?”.

If they get it while they are at the coffee shop, mums group or at home with friends/family they mention it to local people.
A very wide, focused and cheap direct marketing campaign.

It’s a classic that is often ignored on email these days,
but not on phones involving social media as most people read tweets/Facebook on their smart phones now as it is still fresh and new.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thinking of running a promotional event? Here's some easy steps to show tell you how..

Would you like to run a successful promotion for hair and/or beauty in your salon, that will promote your business and bring in some further income in just one evening....


It’s easy – you just  need to follow the steps below;

1. It's good to set targets e.g. 20 clients to spend £100 each or 40 guests to spend £50 each.

2: Pick a date and time. Remember to keep your clients in mind e.g. 5-8pm would be good time for young professionals.

3: Plan promotional activity:
Guest list (ask each client to bring a friend – giving you new clients)
Goody bag
Social Media Plan to promote the event. Post it on Facebook, Twitter etc. (You can also create a Facebook event to invite everybody who has liked your Facebook page).
Email all of your clients

4: Include all staff members in planning – get them involved  and get them excited.

5:  Place a guest list at reception and  encourage clients as they come in to come along on the night. Get them to fill in their name, contact no., email and guest name. Capturing details is essential for the follow-up.

6: Include your business neighbours – can they sponsor food, drinks and be included on the evening? Their incentive is promoting their business. Mention them on the night and include them on invites e.g. "Tasty refreshments and food kindly supplied by..."

7: Post the invitation on Facebook and mention the amazing goody bags available on the night.

8: Check your stock. Make sure you have all your basics and best sellers in stock.  You can’t sell what you haven’t got!

9:  Consider taking photos, or even a video,  You will need this for your website and Facebook page. Posting photos etc. after the event creates an appetite among clients for another event, even the ones who haven't attended will think "Sorry I didn't go now. I'll definitely try to get to the next one!"

10:  Send a text to your database- continue to promote this fun filled event that you cannot miss!!

11:  Do a spring clean- this isn't just about hair and makeup,   It’s a chance to promote your entire business and your high standards of professionalism.

On the day:
Final Facebook reminder
Final text message
Double check everything is in place and good to go.  Brief staff.  Allocate roles to each person:
Meet & Greet
Focus on your financial target!

NOW... Enjoy some well deserved time in the spotlight with your clients at the event.......

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Do You Have A Quiet Day Plan??

Let me help you get one!

There are three elements to your quiet-day plan, and they all have to be in place for it to work...

The first element; ... you need a list of people to contact, of either current or lapsed clients.

This is where Platinum can really help, because with a few quick taps on your keyboard you can identify the behaviour and spending patterns of your clients and choose the best ones to contact with your offer.

So if, for example, you wanted to identify the clients who haven't been in for the last three months, or those who came in and had a colour, then you can...

The second element; ... you need an instant means of communication with your clients.

This is because you want results on the day, don't you.

The most logical way would be to send a text, but you could use email as well.

Both would be 'personalised' to the customer and can easily be sent by the click of a button.

The third element; … you need a reason to communicate.

You don’t want to appear desperate, so you could just say, "We've had an unexpected cancellation and... " or, “We're celebrating, so for today only we're doing this, but we've only got room for three...” Be creative and make it something that people can relate to.

So there we are. You need your list, an instant way of communicating, and a reason why,  Put all those into place, then if you ever have a quiet day on your hands you'll be ready!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Looking for more free time?

Platinum is a software programme, designed (although not exclusively) for hair and beauty salons, that manages appointments, stock, commission and more – right from the front desk. It will transform the way your business operates and, above all, help you to make more money every week using simple but effective tools like text and email marketing.
 So, like our other customers, you can stop spending evenings and weekends doing paperwork and very quickly increase your takings;  This means that Platinum actually pays for itself and more, so there really is nothing to lose.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer is on it's Way.. Don't Miss Out!

One of the most commercial seasons of the year for a salon/spa is just around the corner so be prepared with some 'Summer' SMS/Email marketing ideas. 

Make sure your salon gets a slice of the action in 2013 by sending out targeted promotions, reminding your clients that you are their number one destination for everything Summer related.......... from looking good to buying the products for that special holiday...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Special offers and Loyalty Points

Special offers will always create an interest and that is exactly what you want. 

Keep track of the services and treatments your clients have had, this is easily done in Platinum at the click of a button. If you realise that some are always only booking in for a hair cut as example - target them with other treatments, for example send them a discount for a colour or if you do beauty as well, a facial.

The same if you are a beauty salon, if a customer only has facials, offer a discount for waxing... the options are endless. 

You should consider doing this fairly frequently, maybe every 3 months at least. Your existing clients will invariably spend more money in your salon, plus your client base will also grow.

The clients build up points every time they spend money in your business. They will also get the opportunity of bonus points on double points days, for referring friends etc. 

Instead of offering the normal, use loyalty points on anything in the salon, Let them be rewarded with services and products they have NEVER had before, opening them up to other services/products in your business. 

This is your opportunity to up-sell these services and products, and to get as many of your clients as possible to spend money in these areas again.

It does not take many clients, each spending say £10-£15 each more to start building your revenue.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hot Tip for SMS messaging

Hot Tip :-

 Don’t take any shortcuts by sending one blanket message to all your clients, instead create a handful of texts specific to certain client categories. 

Remember client categories are the essential ingredient to any cost effective SMS marketing campaign.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Fill those no-show gaps quickly

Our salon software allows you to easily fill in no-show gaps.

You can send a SMS message to all clients saying;

"Due to the cancellation of a treatment today between 2pm and 3pm 50% discount on all treatments, first person to book will receive the discount!"

This offer is sure to get your free slot filled and ensure you spend your time productively, making money!

Contact us for more details!