Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thinking of running a promotional event? Here's some easy steps to show tell you how..

Would you like to run a successful promotion for hair and/or beauty in your salon, that will promote your business and bring in some further income in just one evening....


It’s easy – you just  need to follow the steps below;

1. It's good to set targets e.g. 20 clients to spend £100 each or 40 guests to spend £50 each.

2: Pick a date and time. Remember to keep your clients in mind e.g. 5-8pm would be good time for young professionals.

3: Plan promotional activity:
Guest list (ask each client to bring a friend – giving you new clients)
Goody bag
Social Media Plan to promote the event. Post it on Facebook, Twitter etc. (You can also create a Facebook event to invite everybody who has liked your Facebook page).
Email all of your clients

4: Include all staff members in planning – get them involved  and get them excited.

5:  Place a guest list at reception and  encourage clients as they come in to come along on the night. Get them to fill in their name, contact no., email and guest name. Capturing details is essential for the follow-up.

6: Include your business neighbours – can they sponsor food, drinks and be included on the evening? Their incentive is promoting their business. Mention them on the night and include them on invites e.g. "Tasty refreshments and food kindly supplied by..."

7: Post the invitation on Facebook and mention the amazing goody bags available on the night.

8: Check your stock. Make sure you have all your basics and best sellers in stock.  You can’t sell what you haven’t got!

9:  Consider taking photos, or even a video,  You will need this for your website and Facebook page. Posting photos etc. after the event creates an appetite among clients for another event, even the ones who haven't attended will think "Sorry I didn't go now. I'll definitely try to get to the next one!"

10:  Send a text to your database- continue to promote this fun filled event that you cannot miss!!

11:  Do a spring clean- this isn't just about hair and makeup,   It’s a chance to promote your entire business and your high standards of professionalism.

On the day:
Final Facebook reminder
Final text message
Double check everything is in place and good to go.  Brief staff.  Allocate roles to each person:
Meet & Greet
Focus on your financial target!

NOW... Enjoy some well deserved time in the spotlight with your clients at the event.......

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