Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ever wondered what a Data Management System could do for your business?

Throw away your pencil, eraser and highlighter pens... Just a few clicks and you've booked your appointment, with your clients already stored in the system, you'll never write another number down wrong!

To change, simply drag and drop appointment to the new time... EASY!

You can then send SMS appointment reminders to reduce your "No-show" appointments making sure your clients turn up everytime!

Adding the POS (Point of sale)  turns your PC and software into a full EPoS system, making it much more difficult for any light fingered people to take money from the system without you knowing about it!​

POS would include your Barcode scanner for your stock control, your Receipt Printer, which prints the clients next appointment and the loyalty points balance on the bottom of the receipt... and finally, your cash drawer to keep your cash & Credit card receipts safe!

It would be your SMS text marketing manager.
I can send SMS marketing texts when the salon is quiet to get you busy!

SMS is a very cost effective way of marketing your business, when you consider the price to do your marketing via traditional methods, with the price of postage just going up.

It can manage all your stock to make sure you can keep a tight reign on all your products.

It  will make sure that when your stock is getting low, It lets you know, so you can place an order so that you never run out of stock...

It will also look after your internal stock, making sure to reduce the possibility of theft and also giving you a total at the end of the year which can be offset against your profit to reduce your tax bill!

It can store all your client information in the software for you too

It can also let you know, how much that client has spent in the salon, both in retail purchases and services and on average, how much they spend with you each time they visit.​

To add that personal touch, It can also keep track of their treatment information and how they like their tea or coffee!

Now with knowing it can do all that and more... what are you waiting for?
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