Wednesday, November 16, 2011


A big welcome aboard to the following businesses:-

pure/cck  in Somerset
Tarporley Hair in Cheshire
JW Hair in Lymington

A very big  welcome to the Platinum family!

Monday, October 10, 2011

A busy time of year for Salon Software!

Now we have come to the end of the holiday season, for us and our customers, it's a busy time all round!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest customers

Salon 154
Young's Clinic
Escape Beauty and Aesthetics
Stylistics Beauty
Steel Beauty
Jeunesse Beauty

We are certain they will enjoy their new Platinum experience!

Monday, August 22, 2011

eMarketing via Platinum - no more quiet days!

You don’t have to have quiet days any more, if you get each of your customers postal addresses, e-mail and Mobile phone numbers you have a great deal of flexibility to market to them very easily in future.  
Platinum sends free emails by using your own Internet 
SMS can easily be set up, there is a 3rd party involvement and therefore there are 
charges involved.
The following messages can be sent automatically to remove stress;
Reminders - Sent the day/s before an appointment to remind them to 
come in, it shows the time and employee name
Thank You - Sent on the day of an appointment to say "Thank You 
for coming in today"
Proactive - Sent out after the customer has not been for a visit for a 
while, eg. 6 weeks with a 5% off offer. 'Comeback and see us' style 
No Show - An ice-breaker message, sent if they do not show up for 
an appointment, it generally says sorry you could not make it do you
 want to re-book a better time?
New Stock Just In - Inform customer’s of stock that they usually
 buy is back in stock.
Happy birthday - Send a special offer out on their birthday 
(postal letter, email or text message to mobile phone).
Once set up, you can very easily send email and/or SMS in a number of different ways;
 1. To one person directly from their profile:

In a customer’s profile, click the ‘e’ to the right of the mobile number.

2. To everyone on your database:

The eMessaging button from the Main Menu; this allows you to send to all customers, if a restriction is in place to numbers from your broadband supplier you can choose to send small groups at a time. (Click your right mouse button for a menu with options).

3. From customer related reports:

Use this to target groups of clients by holding down the ‘CTRL’ button when clicking Next to run the report. When the report is on the screen with a list of customer names and contacts; click ‘eMessage them’ from the top right hand corner. Once the template is selected, you can send to all names that appeared on the report.

There are a number of options for emailing also available from right click of your mouse on the list of names you are sending to:

BCC – you can send a copy to another person and their email address will not appear.

Attach a document – You may wish to add an invoice, Word document, PDF newsletter, etc.

Marketing Ideas for EMessaging

These marketing campaign plans are perfect ways to potentially expand and grow the recurring client base.
Here is just a sample of ideas that you can use your emarketing for:
·         X amount off services/treatments for new clients

·         Pre-book discount - Make sure they return by giving them an incentive to pre-book their appointment.

·         X Off Next Service: Every now and then, you need to make your clients feel special. There’s no better way than passing on some savings to make sure they come back to you.

·         Recommend a Friend Promotion: Don't just ask for referrals; reward your client for bringing a new business through the door.

·         X Off on Your Birthday: Give your customers a gift they can appreciate. Your clients will want to treat themselves to your services, and with the discount, it’s the kind of birthday present clients will tell their friends about.

·         Free X gift voucher with the Purchase of an X Gift voucher: Your clients will love this idea. Not only are they buying something for friends or family, they’re getting a gift for themselves

·         X Off on Product Purchase of X or More: Your profit margin on products is high enough that you can still make money when you offer discounts. It's also a great incentive to get your customers in the shop for services/treatments and trying out your products, and if they like it, they will return for more.

·         X% off an Additional Service: This is a great way to up-sell your clients. If they’re already there, why not give them an excuse to indulge more.

·         Introduce a loyalty scheme (automated in Platinum)

·         Buy two, Get one free

·         Book Off peak and Save Money

·         Birthday Gift Voucher
On a quiet day you can target all your customers for a special offer appointment if they come in that day. For example, you should be able to target all clients who normally have a manicure and send them a text message, offering a price reduction if they can make it in that day.
All  templates can be changed and you can start to build yourself a 
‘library’ of different emails/SMS text messages that you can send out 
when ever the time suits,  just by the click of a button.

Please do contact me if you want any more information

Monday, August 8, 2011

After a very busy few months we are delighted to welcome some new customers aboard.

XL Hair Design in Bradford
Luscious Beauty in Maldon, Essex
Barlborough Spa and Beauty in Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Expectations Hair and Beauty in Nottinghamshire
Francesca Alexander in South West London
Hydi Studio in North West London.

We would also like to welcome another International Customer;
Bladework Hair in Salt Lake City, Utah USA

The Platinum family would like to welcome them all to their new salon software experience!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Business - Welcome!

Affordable Laser have opened their new salon in Paddington. This is their second site and they hope to open a 3rd in the very near future. After taking Platinum into their first salon, we are thrilled that they have continued to use Platinum in their new ventures.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

A warm welcome to the Platinum Family!

A warm welcome to our newest customers;

Copper - Lisburn, Northern Ireland
Rootz - Cockermouth
Hair Cutts - Nuneaton
Beauty by Pauline - Kent

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Testimonials from a few valued customers

"We opened our beauty salon approximately three years ago and spent what seemed like an enternity searching for a suitable software system that was competitively priced and easy to use. I'm pleased to say that we found Platinum!
The system suits our needs perfectly and the more we explore it, the more we find we can use it to make our lives easier.

Craig and Michelle have provided us with first class support whenever we have needed it - nothing has been too much trouble. So often, software is purchased and you are left to "get on with it" - that is not the case with Platinum; there is always someone there to help."

Marion Minson

"Our clinic offers a wide range of treatments from ipl, micro-dermabrasion, omnilux revive and many more down to basic tinting and waxing. Platinum helps us to quickly make, amend and change appointments.
By simply selecting the treatments requested you have an immediate total amount to be paid, removing any likelihood for mathematical error. one of the advantages we find is the way the software 'remembers' that a client needs and extra 5 or 10 minutes on a specific treatment so that no matter who makes the appointment, the right length of time is allotted - not everyone is aware that mrs x likes to stay in the treatment room that little bit longer after a wrap, massage and/or quantum face!
Other advantages is the very quick access to a client's previous treatments, (what and when) and also future treatments already booked.
Once you master the various reports these can be useful, such as quickly knowing your valued clients and also which clients haven't been in for a while so that they can be targeted.
We also used it very effectively when in a dispute with a therapist in identifying the treatments they provided and the income to the business they gave compared to the other therapists, which provided evidence contrary to her belief!"

Dave Munro
Intelligent Cosmetology

"I have found Platinum Software an excellent tool for reporting, accounting, client database and much, much more.
It has enabled us to move ahead and branch out, away from the dreaded appointment book!

It has been met very well by clients who love the text and email reminders, which incidentally, has reduced cancellations and no shows greatly.

The tech' support is excellent.  The sytem package I have found to be one of the cheapest around, but deliver's that of the more expensive brands.
In short a very user friendly, well put together system which is evolving all the time, but wont break the bank but add to any business such as ours."

Leigh Sargeant
Jaks Hair and Beauty
Isle of Wight

"I'm really happy with the Platinum System, its easy to use and has made managerial aspects of the business a lot easier. The till system is easy to use and what I like best is that it can be linked with any computer (you dont have to buy a dedicated till unit). Other companies charge an arm and a leg for a whole lot of smoke and mirrors really. Platinum have been up front and honest and the support is great too!"

Vikram Jain
Hollywood Smiles UK Ltd


"We have found Platinum software to be a great asset to our clinic. The system is very simple to use, but keeps accurate records and accounts. It is easy to monitor staff and sales.
The marketing area within the software is very effective.
The system was easy to set up and the support/response is rapid and precise."

Fiona Chester
Pure Aesthetics Clinic

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fish Pedicure

One of our customers has just taken possession of their new fish tanks;

 'Fish Pedicure's'

The new craze to hit UK salons.

Protect Yourself from Staff

Always install reputable anti-virus software on your business computer, a free one that we would recommend is Microsoft Security Essentials.

However even with anti-virus software on your computer if your staff open attachments and browse the web and install software they can easily, accidentally, let viruses take control of your computer.
They must be told that it is not their computer and that they are not allowed to open email attachments and crucially not install software from the internet. In short they must not say yes to anything.

Staff taking customer data, unfortunately again we have heard of this happening time and time again, a staff member leaves to set up on their own or to work somewhere else and they take all their client contact details with them. You can prevent this happening in Platinum as you can set up the system to hide the contact details after they have first been entered and also restrict access to prevent any deletion of customers from your database.

Customer contact details, another thing that could potentially lose you business, if your staff do not take any contact details for a client, not only are you going to be unable to contact them if a staff member is sick and you need to change their appointment but as importantly you are unable to contact them with any marketing that you wish to send out to improve business.
In Platinum you can force staff to enter certain contact details, as little as a telephone number, but more beneficially, an email address and more!

Keep track of staff holidays, we recently had a customer who, as part of a court case, a member of staff argued they had not had the holiday time owed. With a click of a button in Platinum, the owner was able to show that all holidays allocated had been taken. Don’t let staff take more – or less – than their entitlement.

Lastly, but crucially, are you doing backups?
Each year we get a call from someone who has lost all of their information.
Our recommendation is; 
Buy *2* 'USB Pen Drives' from your local computer shop,  
you will be swapping them and keeping one at home for safety, in case of fire or theft.

These are just our recommendations, I am always happy to discuss anything further so do give me a call Michelle 0845 680 0019