Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

A warm welcome to the Platinum Family!

A warm welcome to our newest customers;

Copper - Lisburn, Northern Ireland
Rootz - Cockermouth
Hair Cutts - Nuneaton
Beauty by Pauline - Kent

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Testimonials from a few valued customers

"We opened our beauty salon approximately three years ago and spent what seemed like an enternity searching for a suitable software system that was competitively priced and easy to use. I'm pleased to say that we found Platinum!
The system suits our needs perfectly and the more we explore it, the more we find we can use it to make our lives easier.

Craig and Michelle have provided us with first class support whenever we have needed it - nothing has been too much trouble. So often, software is purchased and you are left to "get on with it" - that is not the case with Platinum; there is always someone there to help."

Marion Minson

"Our clinic offers a wide range of treatments from ipl, micro-dermabrasion, omnilux revive and many more down to basic tinting and waxing. Platinum helps us to quickly make, amend and change appointments.
By simply selecting the treatments requested you have an immediate total amount to be paid, removing any likelihood for mathematical error. one of the advantages we find is the way the software 'remembers' that a client needs and extra 5 or 10 minutes on a specific treatment so that no matter who makes the appointment, the right length of time is allotted - not everyone is aware that mrs x likes to stay in the treatment room that little bit longer after a wrap, massage and/or quantum face!
Other advantages is the very quick access to a client's previous treatments, (what and when) and also future treatments already booked.
Once you master the various reports these can be useful, such as quickly knowing your valued clients and also which clients haven't been in for a while so that they can be targeted.
We also used it very effectively when in a dispute with a therapist in identifying the treatments they provided and the income to the business they gave compared to the other therapists, which provided evidence contrary to her belief!"

Dave Munro
Intelligent Cosmetology

"I have found Platinum Software an excellent tool for reporting, accounting, client database and much, much more.
It has enabled us to move ahead and branch out, away from the dreaded appointment book!

It has been met very well by clients who love the text and email reminders, which incidentally, has reduced cancellations and no shows greatly.

The tech' support is excellent.  The sytem package I have found to be one of the cheapest around, but deliver's that of the more expensive brands.
In short a very user friendly, well put together system which is evolving all the time, but wont break the bank but add to any business such as ours."

Leigh Sargeant
Jaks Hair and Beauty
Isle of Wight

"I'm really happy with the Platinum System, its easy to use and has made managerial aspects of the business a lot easier. The till system is easy to use and what I like best is that it can be linked with any computer (you dont have to buy a dedicated till unit). Other companies charge an arm and a leg for a whole lot of smoke and mirrors really. Platinum have been up front and honest and the support is great too!"

Vikram Jain
Hollywood Smiles UK Ltd


"We have found Platinum software to be a great asset to our clinic. The system is very simple to use, but keeps accurate records and accounts. It is easy to monitor staff and sales.
The marketing area within the software is very effective.
The system was easy to set up and the support/response is rapid and precise."

Fiona Chester
Pure Aesthetics Clinic