Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Summer is nearly Upon Us! Some Sizzling SMS ideas!

Summer, a season associated with heat and fun.  And if the current weather is anything to go by, it feels like it's nearly upon us!

There’s a sense of optimism in the air as everybody waits standing by the window hoping the sun stays around for their after-work and weekend fun.

The question is are you standing by the window waiting for after-work and weekend clients? You can’t control the sun but you can be proactive and use SMS to get bums on seats and purses opened. 

Here’s some SMS ideas to create a sales heatwave in your salon this summer and increase your revenue.

Idea 1 – Stay trim
Getting ‘trim’ and acquiring that ideal summer and bikini body is at the forefront of every woman’s mind summer-after-summer. Now, how does a hair salon take advantage of this? Well you know more than anyone about trim and can use it to shift some products. Send out the text below to some regulars who get a cut and colour and haven’t been in recently plus encourage them to try a product for the first time:

Hi <<Client first name>>, our prices are like a gr8 bikini body. Trim. Get a cut + colour this week and we’ll trim the price of any shampoo you buy by half! 0845 680 0019

Idea 2 – Get that summer Hair Colour
This is a more obvious approach for a hair salon but with a ‘tint’ of humour that will encourage the ladies in your client books to get a colour for the first time. Remember, you don’t have to push the product in the text there and then. Catch them when they come in and play upon the text at the end of their appointment telling them about products such as a conditioner you sell that will help them keep that ‘summer colour’.

Hi <<Client first name>>, the safest place to get a colour this summer is IN YOUR HAIR! Call us for a bronzed finish that’s truly worth ‘dyeing’ for: 0845 680 0019

Idea 3 – Soft sell beauty SMS with safe and sound advice
No play on words here just some sound advice about safety in the sun while telling them about a new range of products in your store. When the sun comes out, use it to get people thinking about the products they use and create an opportunity to engage with clients about new and supplementary products.

Hi <<Client first name>>, did you put your SPF on today? Talk to us and make sure it’s giving you the protection your skin needs to stay youthful. 0845 680 0019


Tuesday, February 11, 2014


A no-show can mean a big hole in your profits. Can you recapture those cancellations and make your salon a more profitable place as a result?

Most salons track their projected revenue using their salon software to view appointment bookings made by their customers. They will base their product and material orders on how many customers they are likely to see per day, week or month, and work their staff rotas around the number of employees they need to serve their customers. Employee wages, taxes and benefits are all based on revenue, as are plans made to grow the business and drive it forward. So, when a customer doesn’t turn up for their appointment, the expected revenue is not received, and money may even be wasted on having staff members working when you don’t need them. How can salon owners avoid losing money and continue to generate revenue, even when a customer fails to show up for their appointment? We’ve listed a few suggestions below…


Create a no-show policy

Many salons will have a no-show policy that notifies the customer of any consequences they may have to deal with, should they not show up (or show up too late for) their appointment. It is really up to the salon owner to decide what they would like those consequences to be, whether they fine a customer for not showing up, or limit the time they spend with a customer who is late by cutting out one of the treatments they had booked. Be sure to make the policy clear to prevent any confusion. If there is a strict policy in place that your customers are warned of before making their booking, they may be less likely to cancel at the last moment.

A policy can also act as a good customer service tool; should someone show up late expecting to miss out on an element of their treatment, but you’re then able to accommodate them, they’re more likely to sing your praises because you’ve made an exception for them.


Take deposits

For treatments that are likely to take a fair amount of time or are relatively costly, you could always ask your customers for a deposit. This way, they will be less likely to simply not show up, as they have already put some money toward the treatment, and if they don’t show up, you’ll have still made some money from the appointment and could even fit in another customer. Make sure your customers are aware that the deposit is non-refundable, though consider offering the chance to rebook, which would allow you the chance to make a happy customer and ensure revenue makes it through the door.

Use the time wisely

When a customer doesn’t show, you can suddenly find yourself with little else to do, so why not try to use the time wisely? Use your salon software to check to see if any other customers were desperate for the appointment and send them an SMS message to come in if they are free. 
It’s always worth keeping a list of clients who may be available at short notice on particular days and sending out a text to them using your salon software.

Get to the bottom of it

There’s no point simply ruminating why your client never showed up for their appointment. Instead, consider contacting them to find out why. It’s likely to be that they simply forgot, which would mean you probably need to work on sending regular reminders to your clients, but it might be that they decided against receiving a treatment at your salon and were too embarrassed to telephone and cancel. If this is the case, find out what put them off and correct it. Whether it’s because they were unhappy with the price, the hairdresser assigned to them, or the time they received, these are all things you can work on improving with the help of your salon software, letting you continue to make a profit in the future.

No salon owner wants to have to deal with a no-show, but they can be assured that should they have to, they will have the means they need from their salon software system to deal with the problem efficiently and effectively. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Year Offer!

Happy New Year to you all.....

Why not make a New Year resolution to simplify the running of your salon and get in touch now. We offer an online demo and promise no hard-sell, so what have you got to lose?

Want to speed up appointment booking, manage financial transactions better and send appointment reminders or marketing messages to clients?

If you've been thinking about getting a computer system for your business but not yet made a purchase, we have a great New Year offer for you. 

Until the end of February, you can get our software with 40% off... 

Get in touch now for further detail.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Where Did You Hear About Us? And what to do with the information!

I am sure you know as salon and spa owners,  how useful it is to ask, "Where did you hear about us?". It gives you an indication as to how effective your marketing is and which clients are generating the referrals.

The difficult part is tracking it. In Platinum, you can look up details in one click, we have a report just for "Where did you hear about us?" How cool is that?!

Your clients are your most powerful marketing tool. Better than any search engine or social media site.

Getting new clients is a pointless exercise unless you can hold onto them.

The salons that are performing best are the ones who are embracing all opportunities to get new clients, but have mastered retention marketing i.e. they have focused on their existing clients and those clients have generated referrals through word-of-mouth and social media.

Give us a call if you would like any more information, or just a chat on how Platinum Salon Software could work for you and your business.

0845 680 0019

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Busy Festive Season?.. think of the New Year too!

You're rolling up to the busy Festive Season. It's a great time for your business. Everybody becomes more image conscious with the eagerly awaited Christmas work party looming and the prospect of seeing relatives for the first time in months. 


Getting people into your salon at this time of year is not really the issue. 

The real skill lies in getting people into your salon AND getting them back again in the New Year. 

Here's an idea to make the most of Xmas and get your New Year ready from NOW!

When clients come into your salon give them a free voucher. Here's the key, the voucher can only be used in January and it requires a minimum spend if they want to use it. 
You set the rules - the value of the voucher and what minimum spend is required.

Why should I do this?

There's lots of reasons, including these five: 

*It shows appreciation for the people who've given you business throughout the year. That's invaluable for retention

*It's a great way to get new clients back again within a few weeks. Get them back a second time and chances are, you may have a client for life. 

*The voucher should be transferable so if your clients can't use it, they can pass it onto someone else. Referrals anybody?!

*Clients who feel loved and rewarded will spread the word on Facebook and to their friends over coffee. It's a great way to generate word of mouth.

*It's great for your image. Every salon will be busy during December. Only the best will be busy during January. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Easily Affordable Pricing Options

In this day and age, everyone is keeping an eye on costs, 

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

As Easy as 1-2-3!

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