Thursday, August 8, 2013

Looking for an easy way to deal with Walk-Ins or short notice bookings

Spas and salons are subjected to constant cancellations, short-notice bookings, walk-ins and no-shows when it comes to clientele;

This makes the process of keeping the average business day in working order without a clear salon system,  a task in itself.

To make the most of resources - from time and money to staff and stock - salon software can help your establishment to become increasingly resourceful, demonstrate more efficient salon management and even see a considerable rise in revenue.

Platinum salon software is a viable alternative to paper or complex spreadsheet-based methods of recording bookings and trying to achieve an adequate level of salon management.

Many businesses are already using Platinum to efficiently manage, record and monitor each working day as it comes, and has assisted them in becoming more sustainable and attractive to clients in the long-run.

 You can rest assured that any last-minute bookings or sudden walk-ins can be dealt with quickly and efficiently with Platinum salon software, as it has been created to provide a simple system on which any walk-ins can be recorded and assigned to an employee with ease.