Thursday, July 4, 2013

Get Into Social Media Marketing Now!

If you are not on to the power of social media marketing
now is the time.
Its easy and you can see results straight away.

In Summary:

Create a Facebook and Twitter page for your business
then simply bulk SMS everyone with your “join us on Twitter/Facebook” link.

Recipe Details...

What you will need:

1  salon software with a customer database.
1  list of email and mobile numbers of customers
3  bits of info to open a text message account(email is free)
2  Minutes to open Platinum eMessaging and click Send.


Install Platinum Software
Start gathering all your customers contact details
Let us have your broadband suppliers info for a free set up
Not even 2 minutes needed for the rest!

How will it help?

Get reception to tweet/post on Facebook offers and news each week and you are in both the customers eyes, and then any friends who might be with them when they get the message and may say:

 “Oh, I have got a  10 pounds off voucher at my salon for recommending a friend,   would you use it?”.

If they get it while they are at the coffee shop, mums group or at home with friends/family they mention it to local people.
A very wide, focused and cheap direct marketing campaign.

It’s a classic that is often ignored on email these days,
but not on phones involving social media as most people read tweets/Facebook on their smart phones now as it is still fresh and new.

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