Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fish Pedicure

One of our customers has just taken possession of their new fish tanks;

 'Fish Pedicure's'

The new craze to hit UK salons.

Protect Yourself from Staff

Always install reputable anti-virus software on your business computer, a free one that we would recommend is Microsoft Security Essentials.

However even with anti-virus software on your computer if your staff open attachments and browse the web and install software they can easily, accidentally, let viruses take control of your computer.
They must be told that it is not their computer and that they are not allowed to open email attachments and crucially not install software from the internet. In short they must not say yes to anything.

Staff taking customer data, unfortunately again we have heard of this happening time and time again, a staff member leaves to set up on their own or to work somewhere else and they take all their client contact details with them. You can prevent this happening in Platinum as you can set up the system to hide the contact details after they have first been entered and also restrict access to prevent any deletion of customers from your database.

Customer contact details, another thing that could potentially lose you business, if your staff do not take any contact details for a client, not only are you going to be unable to contact them if a staff member is sick and you need to change their appointment but as importantly you are unable to contact them with any marketing that you wish to send out to improve business.
In Platinum you can force staff to enter certain contact details, as little as a telephone number, but more beneficially, an email address and more!

Keep track of staff holidays, we recently had a customer who, as part of a court case, a member of staff argued they had not had the holiday time owed. With a click of a button in Platinum, the owner was able to show that all holidays allocated had been taken. Don’t let staff take more – or less – than their entitlement.

Lastly, but crucially, are you doing backups?
Each year we get a call from someone who has lost all of their information.
Our recommendation is; 
Buy *2* 'USB Pen Drives' from your local computer shop,  
you will be swapping them and keeping one at home for safety, in case of fire or theft.

These are just our recommendations, I am always happy to discuss anything further so do give me a call Michelle 0845 680 0019