Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Summer is nearly Upon Us! Some Sizzling SMS ideas!

Summer, a season associated with heat and fun.  And if the current weather is anything to go by, it feels like it's nearly upon us!

There’s a sense of optimism in the air as everybody waits standing by the window hoping the sun stays around for their after-work and weekend fun.

The question is are you standing by the window waiting for after-work and weekend clients? You can’t control the sun but you can be proactive and use SMS to get bums on seats and purses opened. 

Here’s some SMS ideas to create a sales heatwave in your salon this summer and increase your revenue.

Idea 1 – Stay trim
Getting ‘trim’ and acquiring that ideal summer and bikini body is at the forefront of every woman’s mind summer-after-summer. Now, how does a hair salon take advantage of this? Well you know more than anyone about trim and can use it to shift some products. Send out the text below to some regulars who get a cut and colour and haven’t been in recently plus encourage them to try a product for the first time:

Hi <<Client first name>>, our prices are like a gr8 bikini body. Trim. Get a cut + colour this week and we’ll trim the price of any shampoo you buy by half! 0845 680 0019

Idea 2 – Get that summer Hair Colour
This is a more obvious approach for a hair salon but with a ‘tint’ of humour that will encourage the ladies in your client books to get a colour for the first time. Remember, you don’t have to push the product in the text there and then. Catch them when they come in and play upon the text at the end of their appointment telling them about products such as a conditioner you sell that will help them keep that ‘summer colour’.

Hi <<Client first name>>, the safest place to get a colour this summer is IN YOUR HAIR! Call us for a bronzed finish that’s truly worth ‘dyeing’ for: 0845 680 0019

Idea 3 – Soft sell beauty SMS with safe and sound advice
No play on words here just some sound advice about safety in the sun while telling them about a new range of products in your store. When the sun comes out, use it to get people thinking about the products they use and create an opportunity to engage with clients about new and supplementary products.

Hi <<Client first name>>, did you put your SPF on today? Talk to us and make sure it’s giving you the protection your skin needs to stay youthful. 0845 680 0019


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